Technical Services


Texoma employs Cathodic protection technologists, senior technologists and specialists to test and evaluate your CP systems.  Our technicians are experts at performing annual pipe-to-soil surveys, periodic rectifier inspections, soil resistivity testing, performing ultrasonic testing and repairs.  Other surveys performed include close interval, AC/DC interference, leak detection and underground pipe and cable location, along with providing coating evaluation (DCVG and ACVG).


Texoma Corrosion Services, LLC offers our clients expert evaluation, design, consulting and execution of Cathodic protection systems, AC Interference solutions, well casing field data analysis and DOT compliance.  
The Cathodic protection process uses DC currents to prevent or reduce the corrosion of metal surfaces by transferring the corrosion from the protected structure to another known location.  The current discharging anode(s) can be designed for maximum life and ease of replacement.

Well-Casing Cathodic Protection Design

Failures and leaks associated with well-casings increase the costs of operating the well: also increases environmental issues for owner companies.  Texoma determines the severity of well-casing corrosion, assists with electrical inspection and evaluate the well-casing surroundings.  The data is used to determine the current requirements needed to remove the anodic areas on the well-casing.  This process can be applied to single or multi-well pads.


Texoma's knowledgeable Cathodic protection technicians will meet your CP needs by providing the following services:
  • Solar CP System Maintenance 
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Periodic Rectifier Repair and Adjustment
  • Line Marker Repair and Installation
  • Repair/Install Electrical Insulating Devices