Installation Services

Texoma Corrosion Services, LLC provides a variety of installation services. Our work force consists of over 40+ years’ experience combined in cathodic protection. Texoma’s main objective is to complete the customers job in the most efficient, safest and professional manner.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCPS)

Texoma installs impressed current (CP) ground beds in both deep and conventional formats. Our drillers are experienced in all types of ground beds. Our commitment to our customers allows us to continue taking care of their CP needs. Deep anode beds are most often used for the protection of well casing and pipelines, ranging from 150-700 feet in depth and consist of 10-20 anodes. A shallow or conventional anode bed is used to protect pipeline and are normally augured holes from 10-20 feet with 6-20 anodes installed. The quality and knowledge of our work sets us apart from our competition.

Galvanic Cathodic Protection

Texoma Corrosion Services can maximize the output of your galvanic system by proper installation and materials selection.  Texoma protects the interior walls and interior tank bottom of storage tanks.  Texoma has the capability of installing to new and existing tanks. The systems are designed to make installation more efficient, therefore, saving our customer’s time and money. They are also designed to protect inside water-wetted surfaces of tanks and vessels.

Solar Cathodic Protection Installation

Texoma can install solar units in areas where no AC power is available to operate your CP system.  Our solar units are manufactured by a reputable supplier.  The unit can be designed and shipped within 4-6 weeks of order date. Solar Units have proven to be an excellent choice for locations that do not have AC power.